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西班牙(利约加) : 公共假期、银行停业、学校假期


西班牙(利约加) : 未来 2 个月公共假期、银行和证券交易所停业、学校假期、贸易展会、文化和体育活动、节日、嘉年华和选举的完整日程表

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名称 Date
复活节假期(开始)星期三 4月 17, 2019除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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濯足节*星期四 4月 18, 2019天主教或新教 
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耶稣受难节*星期五 4月 19, 2019天主教或新教 
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复活节**星期日 4月 21, 2019天主教或新教 
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复活节次日*星期一 4月 22, 2019天主教 
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复活节假期(结束)星期一 4月 29, 2019除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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复活节假期(开始) -
星期三 4月 17, 2019

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

濯足节 -
星期四 4月 18, 2019

天主教或新教 : Maundy Thursday: Commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist (Lord's Supper).

耶稣受难节 -
星期五 4月 19, 2019

天主教或新教 : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.

复活节 -
星期日 4月 21, 2019

天主教或新教 : Not a paid holiday

复活节次日 -
星期一 4月 22, 2019

天主教 : In the year 325, the Council of Nic閑 determined a date fo Easter. Full Moon would fall the 14th day of a moon month (1). Easter would be marked by the dominical letter(2)and the epactus(3). With the establishment of the equinox ne variatur on March 21, algorithms where elaborated to attribuate a date for Easter whatever the year. Time between two consecutive new moons: 20 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.8 - Gives a letter code for the year's calendar Age of the moon on January 1st, minus one unity, 0 being the new moon's age.

复活节假期(结束) -
星期一 4月 29, 2019

学校假期(请仔细检查) :