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几内亚比绍 : 全球公共假期、银行停业、学校假期

几内亚比绍 : 查看未来 2 个月公共假期、银行和证券交易所停业、学校假期、贸易展会、文化和体育活动、节日、嘉年华和选举的完整日 程表。立即注册网站,查看更丰富的历史节假日信息!

Internet domain: .gw - Telephone code: +245 - International dialing code: 00
货币: Communaut Africaine Financi鑢e Franc (XAF) ... 请在此转换!

方言, 葡萄牙(在 7 个国家的 1 亿 6000 万扬声器) ...
请联系 edit!

名称 Date
元旦除了(安在这儿里)**星期三 1月 1, 2020世俗的节日 
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圣诞节假期(结束)**星期一 1月 6, 2020除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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英雄日**星期一 1月 20, 2020世俗的节日 
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情人节*星期五 2月 14, 2020明信片鲜花 
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妇女节*星期日 3月 8, 2020世俗的节日 
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期中假期(开始)星期五 4月 3, 2020除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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复活节**星期日 4月 12, 2020天主教或新教 
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期中假期(结束)星期一 4月 13, 2020除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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元旦除了(安在这儿里) -
星期三 1月 1, 2020

世俗的节日 : JULIUS CAESAR (罗马恺撒大帝) 为了纪念罗马人执政而设在每年1月1号的,全世界最广泛庆祝的一个节日。 Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

圣诞节假期(结束) -
星期一 1月 6, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) : Source: http://www.ipt.gw
based on the calendar issued by the Ministry of Education
all study programs are theoratically aligned with the requirements of the Bologna Process, but due to poverty, in certain islands, parents contribute sacks of cashews, rice, fish or palm oil to pay the costs of teachers and school maintenance
PISA ranking for Portugal (average 493): 501 -not available for Guinea Bissau
Schooling is theoratically mandatory till age 18
Usually no school on Saturday
No uniform required
We carry all confirmed dates till June 2020
Contact edit@edit.fr to purchase the full calendar for Guinea Bissau or one file containing confirmed calendars of 550 countries and regions.

英雄日 -
星期一 1月 20, 2020

世俗的节日 : In remembrance of Am韑car Cabral, who participated in the independence of Cape Verde and Guinea Bisau. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

情人节 -
星期五 2月 14, 2020

明信片鲜花 : Introduced by Pope Gelasus in 498, perhaps in response to a local Roman tradition of lovers writing their names on an urn in February

妇女节 -
星期日 3月 8, 2020

世俗的节日 : The idea of an international women's day was first put forward at the turn of the 20th century amid rapid world industrialization and economic expansion that led to protests over working conditions. Women from clothing and textile factories staged one such protest on 8 March 1857 in New York City. The garment workers were protesting what they saw as very poor working conditions and low wages. The protesters were attacked and dispersed by police. These women established their first labor union two years later.

期中假期(开始) -
星期五 4月 3, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

复活节 -
星期日 4月 12, 2020

天主教或新教 : Not a paid holiday

期中假期(结束) -
星期一 4月 13, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :