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英国 (康沃尔) : 公共假期、银行停业、学校假期


英国 (康沃尔) : 未来 2 个月公共假期、银行和证券交易所停业、学校假期、贸易展会、文化和体育活动、节日、嘉年华和选举的完整日程表

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名称 Date
圣诞节假期(开始)星期四 12月 20, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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圣诞节*星期二 12月 25, 2018天主教或新教 
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节礼日*星期三 12月 26, 2018世俗的节日 
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圣诞节假期(开始) -
星期四 12月 20, 2018

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

圣诞节 -
星期二 12月 25, 2018

天主教或新教 : Since pre-historic times in Europe, festivities (bonfires, offrerings) were marking the beginning of longer hours of daylight with fires and ritual. The Roman festival of Saturnalia lasted several days in December (gambling and offerings). Germanic tribes also celebrated mid-winter (drinking and rituals). The Bulgarian (with Koleduvane) and the Polish (with Gwiazdka) perpetuate this tradition. Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in springtime (Reformists favour autumn). But in the 4th century, December 25th was chosen for the celebration of his birth by Pope Julius I (Bishop Liberus is also mentioned in 354 A.D.). Thus, a Christian element was introduced in the long-established mid-winter festivals. Before 1582, the Papal States and other Italian city states celebrated New Year抯 Day on Christmas Day.

节礼日 -
星期三 12月 26, 2018

世俗的节日 : Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated on the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive gifts known as a Christmas box from their masters, employers or customers. Due to historical reasons, depending on the year, Boxing Day can be celebrated BEFORE Christmas in the UK. [Wikipedia]