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阿布哈兹 - 全球公共假期 - 1970-2070


1970 年至 2070 年全球公共假期的完整日历(和银行停业日) for 阿布哈兹

De facto independent republic since 2008.
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名称 Date
东正教复活节**星期六 4月 8, 2017东正教 
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东正教 复活节次日*星期日 4月 9, 2017银行已经关闭 
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税收日*星期五 4月 14, 2017事件、庆典等  
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五一节星期一 5月 1, 2017世俗的节日 
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胜利日**星期二 5月 9, 2017世俗的节日 
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St Andrew's Day**星期五 5月 12, 2017世俗的节日 
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国旗日星期二 5月 23, 2017世俗的节日 
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独立日**星期五 5月 26, 2017国庆日  
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斋月结束(可能更改到最近一日)**星期五 6月 16, 2017穆斯林,苏菲 
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祭祀日- 牲-羊的节日 (有时能换一天)**星期二 8月 22, 2017穆斯林,苏菲 
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自治节日星期六 8月 26, 2017世俗的节日 
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自治节日星期日 8月 27, 2017世俗的节日 
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自治节日星期一 8月 28, 2017世俗的节日 
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独立日*星期日 10月 1, 2017国庆日  
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科学日星期一 10月 30, 2017事件、庆典等  
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东正教复活节 -
星期日 4月 8, 2018

东正教 : Only observed by the Orthodox community Paid holiday

东正教 复活节次日 -
星期一 4月 9, 2018

银行已经关闭 : The bright red colored egg is the symbol of Easter(or Pascha).The eggs are colored on Holy Thursday after the Divine Liturgy.The Easter breads are a worldwide Orthodox tradition as well.This bread is taken to church on Saturday evening when a special sequence of services takes place:Midnight Office,Rush Procession,Matins & Divine Liturgy.After the service,the clergy blesses the breads and eggs brought by the people and they take them home.The eggs are cracked after the midnight service and during the next days.One egg takes place before the Easter lunch.Each person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of good luck.The traditional Orthodox Paschal greeting is: Christ is Risen! .The answer is: Indeed He is Risen .

税收日 -
星期日 4月 14, 2019

文化 : Day of Tax servicemen

五一节 -
星期二 5月 1, 2018

世俗的节日 :

胜利日 -
星期四 5月 9, 2019

世俗的节日 : The fighting of WWII tn Europe ended on May 2nd, 1945. The surrender of German troops was signed on May 4th and 5th but officially the war ended at midnight on May 8th 1945. To remember this important event, the Russians created a national holiday called Victory Day which is celebrated on May 9th in Russia. Russia mainly fought a war to defend itself, which is called a "patriotic war". In Russia almost all the families have at least one person who took part in the war. The other old citizens who did not fight during the war had to work in factories to make guns and preparations, which wasn't easier than fighting. They too are honored on Victory Day. The main reason for the celebration of Victory Day was to remember the people who died in the war. On that day, flowers are laid on their graves and veterans that are still alive go out on the streets wearing their medals and orders. There are few of them left now days and the number is getting smaller every year.
work on weekends and non-working holidays is not overtime work.

St Andrew's Day -
星期日 5月 12, 2019

世俗的节日 : Saint Andrew , called in the Orthodox tradition Protocletos, or the First-called, is a Christian Apostle, brother of Saint Peter. According to Christian tradition, Andrew was born at Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee. He is considered in Georgia to be founder of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday Wikipedia

国旗日 -
星期四 5月 23, 2019

世俗的节日 :

独立日 -
星期日 5月 26, 2019

世俗的节日 : 1918年5月26日格鲁吉亚国民议会宣布独立和格鲁吉亚民主共和国的创建。格鲁吉亚这之后117年被沙俄帝国的一个省恢复了建州。苏联军队,在布尔什维克思想,以“解放”孟什维克的格鲁吉亚。如今,格鲁吉亚认为,这一宣言是格鲁吉亚的独立传统。 Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

斋月结束(可能更改到最近一日) -
星期六 6月 16, 2018

穆斯林,苏菲 : 在每城市伊斯兰教者应该一个地点祈祷。这个节日和牺牲节日,它们俩是义务的节日. 我们穿新的衣服,应该吃一点东西要祈祷之前。小孩子受到礼物.

祭祀日- 牲-羊的节日 (有时能换一天) -
星期三 8月 22, 2018

穆斯林,苏菲 : The second main celebration of Islam. It celebrates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Muslims make their annual pilgrimage, or the Hajj , to Makkah (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia. Paid holiday when falling on Friday or Saturday

自治节日 -
星期日 8月 26, 2018

世俗的节日 :

自治节日 -
星期一 8月 27, 2018

世俗的节日 :

自治节日 -
星期二 8月 28, 2018

世俗的节日 :

独立日 -
星期一 10月 1, 2018

世俗的节日 : As the Soviet Union began to disintegrate towards the end of the 1980s, ethnic tensions grew between Abkhaz and Georgians over Georgia's moves towards independence. This led to the 1992?1993 War in Abkhazia that resulted in a Georgian military defeat, de facto independence.

科学日 -
星期二 10月 30, 2018

文化 :