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英国 ((威尔士) - 2019世界各国节假日大全,查询公共假日和假期(1970-2070)


查看1970 年至 2070 年全球公共假期的完整日历(和银行停业日) 。立即注册网站,查看更丰富的历史节假日信息! for 英国 ((威尔士)

名称 Date
期中假期(开始)星期三 2月 14, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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半学期假期(结束)星期六 2月 24, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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圣戴维日*星期四 3月 1, 2018事件、庆典等  
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圣皮兰节*星期一 3月 5, 2018事件、庆典等  
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复活节假期(开始)星期二 4月 3, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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复活节假期(结束)星期五 4月 20, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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女王周年纪念星期六 4月 21, 2018事件、庆典等  
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圣乔治日*星期一 4月 23, 2018事件、庆典等  
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五月银行休假日**星期二 5月 8, 2018世俗的节日 
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期中假期(开始)星期二 5月 22, 2018除以上银行休业日之外的学校假期(可能随行政区不同而异)  
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春天银行休假日星期五 5月 25, 2018世俗的节日 
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期中假期(开始) -
星期五 2月 14, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

半学期假期(结束) -
星期一 2月 24, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

圣戴维日 -
星期日 3月 1, 2020

文化 : Saint David (Welsh: Dewi Sant, c. 500 c. 589) was a Welsh bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids) during the 6th century; he was later regarded as a saint. He is the patron saint of Wales. David was a native of Wales, and a relatively large amount of information is known about his life. He is traditionally believed to be the son of Saint Non and the grandson of Ceredig ap Cunedda, king of Ceredigion. He was made a saint during the Welsch resistance to the Normans.

圣皮兰节 -
星期四 3月 5, 2020

文化 : A 5th-century Cornish abbot and saint, supposedly of Irish origin. He is the patron saint of tin-miners, and is also generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall [Wikipedia]

复活节假期(开始) -
星期五 4月 3, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

复活节假期(结束) -
星期一 4月 20, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

女王周年纪念 -
星期二 4月 21, 2020

文化 :

圣乔治日 -
星期四 4月 23, 2020

文化 : A major feast and national holiday in England on a par with Christmas from the early 15th century. The Cross of St George was flown in 1497 by John Cabot on his voyage to discover Newfoundland and later by Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. In 1620 it was the flag that was flown by the Mayflower when the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in Plymouth Massachusetts. The tradition of celebration St George's day had waned by the end of the 18th century after the union of England and Scotland.

五月银行休假日 -
星期五 5月 8, 2020

世俗的节日 : The Bank of England observed about 33 saints' days and religious festivals as holidays, but in 1834 this was reduced to four May 1 (May Day), November 1 (All Saints' Day), Good Friday and Christmas Day. In 1871, the Bank Holidays Act 1871 was introduced. It stated that no person was compelled to make any payment or to do any act upon a bank holiday which he would not be compelled to do or make on Christmas Day or Good Friday. 100 years later the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 was passed, specifying the majority of the current bank holidays, although New Year's Day and May Day were not introduced throughout the whole of the UK until 1974 and 1978. In 2020, the May Day bank holiday is set to be moved, so it can be used to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day [derbytelegraph]

期中假期(开始) -
星期五 5月 22, 2020

学校假期(请仔细检查) :

春天银行休假日 -
星期一 5月 25, 2020

世俗的节日 :