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天主教或新教 : 宗教节日

天主教或新教 : 未来 2 个月全球宗教庆祝活动和节日日历

名称 Date
新教徒和福音派教会的庆祝星期二 3月 5, 2019天主教或新教 
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灰星期三(安在这儿里)**星期三 3月 6, 2019天主教或新教 
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区域公共假日**星期一 3月 11, 2019天主教或新教 
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圣约瑟夫节**星期二 3月 19, 2019天主教或新教 
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圣约瑟的节日星期二 3月 19, 2019天主教或新教 
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习惯法假日*星期三 3月 27, 2019天主教或新教 
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呼喊浸礼会解放日*星期六 3月 30, 2019天主教或新教 
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新教徒和福音派教会的庆祝 -
星期四 3月 5, 2020

天主教或新教 :

灰星期三(安在这儿里) -
星期三 3月 6, 2019

天主教或新教 : 在加利西亚(西班牙) 只在本特废塔 镇。标记期间狂欢节在安的列斯群岛的 Christian observance to begin the 40 day season of Lent. Ashes are marked on worshippers as a sign of penitence.

区域公共假日 -
星期一 3月 11, 2019

天主教或新教 : 巴塞尔的节日---巴塞尔庆典 只是巴塞尔的节日 It all begins with what is known as the Morgestraich. At exactly 4 a.m., all the lights in the city center go off. Out of the pitch darkness, the sound of drums and piccolos waft through the cold night air. Closer and closer it comes, and a faint light glows in the distance. Suddenly, there they are, coming from all directions, the musicians and marchers of the city抯 Fasnacht cliques. Each wears a masks. Some have small lamps on their heads. They carry painted lanterns that mock things that happend during the past year.

圣约瑟夫节 -
星期四 3月 19, 2020

天主教或新教 : 卢塞恩,乌里,施维茨,翁特瓦尔登,提契诺 和瓦莱。

圣约瑟的节日 -
星期四 3月 19, 2020

天主教或新教 :

习惯法假日 -
星期三 3月 27, 2019

天主教或新教 : Mid-Lent

呼喊浸礼会解放日 -
星期六 3月 30, 2019

天主教或新教 : Spiritual/Shouter Baptist Liberation Day is an annual public holiday celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago on 30 March. The holiday commemorates the repeal on 30 March 1951 of the 1917 Shouter Prohibition Ordinance that prohibited the activities of the Shouter or Spiritual Baptist faith. Trinidad and Tobago is the only country in the world that celebrates a public holiday for the Spiritual Baptist faith. [Wikipedia]